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10 students received scholarships from Anchor and A Cowley and Sons

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/02/2019

10 students from various primary schools and secondary schools yesterday received scholarships from Anchor in partnership with Alfred Cowley & Sons.

The prizes came in packages comprising a year’s full tuition fee, complete stationery set as well as school uniforms.

The General Manager of A. Cowley & Sons Bakery – Francis Cowley says they started the promotion last month with education as their main focus.

Today was based on Anchor promotion that we ran with A. Cowley & Sons so it was just ‘enter to win’ and the students got to win a chance for the whole year – school fees paid for, school uniforms as well as stationery. 0028 CUT AWAY 0110 Well we’re hoping to do more, Anchor has seen the support that Tonga has given back to the brand, as well as all the support through A. Cowley and Sons. So this is only the beginning.

Cowley says they only focused this year on Nuku’alofa but next year they will carry out similar programs in the outer regions including Ha’apai, ‘Eua & Vava’u.

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the winners – Olivia Pualani along with a Queen Salote College student – Katana ‘Amanaki expressed their appreciation for the prizes received which will contribute to their academic studies.

A similar program was carried out last year for the pre-schools.

These promotions are popular for both parents and children, with the hope it will help ease burdens off the parents.

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