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CS Reliance to work on two cable cuts to the international cable

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/02/2019

On their second day working on the international cable, the CS Reliance found two cable cuts in the cable that caused the internet blackout in the Kingdom.

This morning, the chair of the board of directors of Tonga Cable Ltd – Samiuela Fonua says he has received reports from the ship that they were able to discover and work on fixing the cable yesterday and are today looking to run tests and ensure that the problem has been eliminated.

Fonua explained that after the first cable cut was discovered and fixed, they ran tests on the cable and there was still a problem with the internet connectivity and so they continued along the cable and discovered the second cable cut and were able to fix that as well, so today they are working on confirming that the international cable is fully repaired.

Now the damage to the cable has been found, but there is still no confirmation on the cause of the damage. The chairman says in the initial stages there was a theory that the damage may have been caused by seismic activity, but now with the nature of the cable cuts they’ve discovered, the theory is now leaning more towards an unnatural cause, most likely an anchor of a ship being dragged along the cable.

However, Fonua says they are focused on completing the repair works to the cable and will be looking at investigating the cause of the damage, later on.

At the moment there has been no certain number released on the costing of the repair works as well as the impact of the internet disconnection throughout the Kingdom, but Fonua says it will be a hefty price.

He says it would be a welcome miracle if at the completion of the works, the costing is less than a million dollars, but he estimates the financial impact would be great because of the nature of this work.

Meanwhile the CS Reliance crew are working 24 hours to fix the cable, to be able to reconnect the cables and get Tonga’s internet services back to normal.

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