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Children dropping out of school a major issue in ‘Eua

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/02/2019

Government Representative of ‘Eua has raised concern over the number of children dropping out of school without completing their studies.

Sunia Havea says the underage children dropping out from school is on the rise and some did not even complete their primary school levels.

Havea says, these children are required to at least complete their primary and high school levels in order for them to gain more knowledge and understanding about life and to make better choices for lives.

It is compulsory for children to attend school from the ages of 4 to 18 under the Education Act.

He adds if this issue is not addressed immediately and appropriately the consequences will be evident in the future and the future generations will bear the brunt.

Havea believes this could be the major cause of young people dealing and involving with illicit drugs.

He also calls on parents to encourage and support their children to complete their studies and NOT to find excuses for not sending their children to school.

The Government Representative says parents say they can’t afford their children’s school fees and that’s why they’re not able to complete their studies BUT Havea says this is not an excuse at all because there are people who are willing in the communities to assist children’s education financially as they know the significance of education.

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