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‘Eua and Vaini seeking ways to legally punish those involved with illicit drugs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/02/2019

Government representative of the island of ‘Eua is finalizing paper work needed to penalize anyone found with illicit drugs on the island.

However, the proposed regulations will have to seek the advice of Crown Law for the formulation of new legislation regarding this rising issue. .

The penalty proposed includes, banishing that particular person from the island.

The Government Representative – Sunia Havea says, the initiative is to minimize the number of people found with illicit drugs as well as caught cultivating marijuana illegally.

Many cases of illicit drugs were found in ‘Eua last year.

Meantime the town officer of Vainii ‘Inoke Teisi says the estate holder has imposed a new regulation for the people of Vainii that if anyone is caught with any crime related to illicit drugs such as distribution and possession of drugs will be penalized.

The penalty includes banishment from the village.

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