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More people fined for littering and burning of rubbish

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/02/2019

The Environment Department has recorded a slight increase in the number of people fined for littering in public places and disposing of rubbish due to its negative impacts on the environment.

Last year, more than 30 people were fined mostly for littering and burning rubbish, a 5 percent increase from record in 2017.

Chief Environmentalist – Mafile’o Masi says the spot on fines are for people who violate the Environment Management Litter and Waste Control Regulations 2016.

Under the regulation, environment officers and designated officers can issue notifications to clean up dumped wastes or cease burning.

They can also give on-the-spot fines to offenders.

The fine will also depend on how much damage caused to the environment from littering or disposing of rubbish starting with 20 pa’anga.

Staff from the Environment Department, Police, Health and the Waste Authority are working collaboratively to protect the environment and to ensure a clean green future.

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