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Sabotage believed to be cause of damage to the cable that disrupted Tonga’s high-speed internet connections

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/02/2019

It is believed that the damage to the cable that disrupted Tonga’s high speed internet communications was sabotage.

Earlier predictions to the cause was damage by a vessel’s anchor which dragged the cable away from its original place in the sea bed.

A board director of TCL Piveni Piukala who was on board the ship said, after the completion of repair work to both the international and domestic cables – they have concluded that negligence was ruled out.  Piukala said, 2 cable cuts were discovered in the international cable and they were 2kms apart.

In the domestic cable – 2 cuts were also identified with an additional red rope tied to the cable.

Piukala said this is impossible and even engineers on board the CS reliance couldn’t imagine how the cable was damaged.  Their conclusion now is sabotage.

However, local officials will now await images from the satellite which could clearly identify whatever happened to the cables.

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