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10% of Renewable energy used in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/02/2019

With only a year to go, Tonga is still ambitious to reach its 50% renewable energy target  by 2020.

However at the moment, Tonga has reached only 9.8 percent or an average of 10 percent with 40 more percent needed to be accomplished.

CEO of TPL Seti Chen says new renewable energy projects will be implemented this year with the target to reach 50% by the end of next year.

The benefits include, reducing on diesel reliance and expected cheaper electricity tariff.

ADB officials are in Tonga to finalize financing of the Renewable energy project funded by ADB and the Government of Australia, Government of Tonga and TPL. Ends

The government of Tonga is currently implementing reforms to the Public Enterprise Sector in its endeavor to support the performance and operation of Public Enterprises, in an effort to improve the service delivery to the people and to assist with the overall development of the nation.

Under this reform program, a strategic review of Port Authority’s operating efficiencies and services at the International Port of Nukuálofa was conducted by specialists from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to identify measures in order to improve the service delivery to the people, and to support the working relationships with private sectors.

CEO of Ports Authority Tonga – Mosese Lavemai says they are currently looking at working with a 100 percent locally owned company for this job under a Private Public Partnership (PPP).

The PPP would be an opportunity for a Tongan owned company to take over all the management and operations of stevedoring, marshalling, storage as well as receiving and delivery of cargoes at the Nukuálofa International Port (Queen Salote Wharf).

Ports Authority Tonga together with Asian Development Bank – ADB and the Ministry of Public Enterprises have started developing the processes to ensure that the due diligence for the PPP reform is fulfilled in alignment with the directions from Government who is also the shareholder to Ports Authority Tonga.

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