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Captain of the MV ‘Onemato denies the vessel went aground yesterday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/02/2019

MV ‘Onemato’s Captain denies reports that the vessel went aground  yesterday at  Nafanua harbour.

He says there is no damage to the vessel and its passengers were all safe at their arrival with no reports of running aground.

The Eua government representative Sunia Havea told Radio Tonga news that two passengers told him of the incident when the  Captain tried to steer the ship into harbour despite the adverse weather conditions.

Havea did not confirm with the captain his report this morning but he claimed that it was accurate and was confirmed by the two passengers he talked to.

The vessel travelled yesterday to ‘Eua at around 11 in the morning with more than 50 passengers.

The MV ‘Onemato is currently berthing at the Wharf until the weather permits.

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