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Fruit Trees badly damaged on the island of Niuafo’ou

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/02/2019

The Ministry of Agriculture is seeking the most effective way to assist the people of Niuafo’ou to rapidly recover their main source of natural food. CEO of Agriculture Dr Viliami Manu says breadfruits were the main food trees destroyed during the recent tropical depressions, specifically TD 06F.  AF

Dr Viliami Manu says with Niuafo’ou’s location, geographical nature and soil – the eight different types of breadfruits on the island grow abundantly to cater for the daily consumption of people.

However, since last week the staff are worried and are working on a plan to assist the people immediately following the devastation.

Dr Viliami Manu says similar problems may occur in  Ha’apai particularly with fruit trees.

He also assured that the Tongan kava plants are safe throughout the islands because Tonga has been experiencing rainfall following the tropical depressions.

As Tonga is still in its cyclone season and with no assurance that there won’t be any more cyclones until the 30th of April, CEO of Agriculture is urging the people especially growers to try and practice system of inter cropping or mix cropping otherwise known as the traditional Tongan farming system.

Dr. Viliami Manu says this way of cropping will ensure food security in Tonga following a disaster because there are plant and crop species that can withstand the impacts of a cyclone.

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