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CEO of Tourism sets new plans to develop the industry sector

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/02/2019

The Newly appointed CEO of Tourism Sione Moala Mafi  has set new goals to develop the tourism industry with innovative strategic plans.  With the new strategies, protecting the whales and marine organisms is a priority on whale watching in Tonga.

Whale watching is very popular in the kingdom especially in Vava’u during its season starting from July to October and thousands of tourists visit Tonga just to touch, see and swim with the whales in the Tongan waters.

However, the newly appointed CEO wants to ensure that while the whale watching industry is very popular and generating millions of pa’anga to the economy, Sione wants to ensure that  whale watchers do not scare away the whales from  visiting our waters.

His concern is, that if the whales are drawn back or scared by watchers, they might look for other safer habitats by migrating to our neighboring islands like Fiji and Samoa during the whale watching season. Sione said such a change will adversely impact the industry and the nation’s economy.

New plans are already in place to develop this sector when Sione was appointed CEO on February 7th for a four-year contract with the Government.

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