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Pacific Police heads signed agreement to crack down on transnational crime in the region

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/02/2019

The Police Commissioner Steve Caldwell recently signed in Sydney with his Pacific counterparts an agreement to crack down on transnational crime in the region.

Mr Caldwell joined Top Police from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji to launch the transnational serious organized crime pacific taskforce.

Its focus will be joint investigations and disruption of organized crime groups operating in the region.

The Australian Federal Police Commissioner, Andrew Colvin said the agreement will have a strong deterrent effect and send a clear message that the Pacific is not a safe haven for criminals.

He said Australia has a proud history of working together with Pacific countries to combat a broad range of transnational crimes, including drug trafficking, cybercrime and child exploitation.

Mr Steven Caldwell told the gathering that Tonga police have initiated a drug taskforce and national strategy to combat illicit drugs.

He said this arrangement will allow a stronger regional response to fight organized crime impacting on the Pacific.

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