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Prices of Petroleum increase for the month

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/02/2019

The new petroleum prices for the month is increasing although it was predicted from last month that it will continue to decrease.

The new prices for the wholesale of petroleum is increase by 6.3 seniti per litre.

Kerosene increased with 2.4 seniti and diesel is also increasing with 4.3 seniti per litre.

Retail prices in Tongatapu is also increasing, petrol is increase with 6.5 seniti, kerosene with 2.5 seniti and diesel is 4.3 seniti per litre.

The new prices were effective yesterday after it was approved by the Competent Authority.

The pricing of the wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products include the CT and other charges for shipping from Singapore via Fiji.

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