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Discussion continue to keep Sabbath Holy

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/02/2019

Church leaders and Government continue their discussions with the ongoing issue to keep the Sabbath Holy in Tonga.

The Secretary of the National Church Leaders Council Rev. Fili Lilo says the move was made since 2014 and so far it was effective with the ban of bakeries’ operations on Sundays in 2016.

The aim is to ensure that every Tongan respect and keep the Sabbath Holy and no commercial operations carried out.

Since mid-2016 no bakeries were operating on Sundays HOWEVER the restaurants, resorts and bars are still operating commercially on Sundays collecting a lot of income.

Rev. Fili Lilo says bakery owners are not happy with this because they were only selling breads on Sundays, now with the restaurants open, people by liquor and playing loud music.

Some resorts they operate on Sundays and customers are welcome to swim.

He adds, the church Leaders hope that the law amended in 1982 when TC Isaac made landfall and state of emergency – be restored back meaning to ban all commercial services on Sundays especially restaurants.

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