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State of Emergency should be declared in the war against drugs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/02/2019

Tonga’s psychiatry specialist Dr Mapa Puloka strongly believes that Government should declare a State of Emergency immediately, in the fight against drugs.

Dr Puloka believes this is the most effective way to combat drugs and suggests for the Ministry of Police to cooperate with His Majesty’s Armed Forces to locate and destroy illicit drugs.

The suggested operation is not unusual because a similar move was made in Nomka around 1970s.

Dr Puloka said this is a serious matter and should be addressed urgently ELSE its negative impacts will continue to rise, impacting the lives of our children and families.

At the moment, Dr Puloka says there are drug Lords in Tonga, organized crimes and illegal activities involving weapons and firearms BUT it’s a pity because there’s no evidence so justice is not practiced.

However, if no effective operation is implemented at this stage NOW- Tonga will no longer be safe.

Drug Lords will be more powerful and will take over the Government, then Government officials will be like puppets.

He also believes the negative impacts of illicit drugs are evident, including the brawls, suicide cases in Tonga on the rise, violence and social issues.

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