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Parliament adjourned until Monday to allow for a public consultation on the foreign investment bill

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/02/2019

The Legislative Assembly adjourned this morning to reconvene Monday.

This is to allow for a public consultation on the Foreign Investment Bill which is being scrutinized by the house.

When parliament resumed today, they continued with the deliberation on the foreign investment bill 2019.

Lord Fusitu’a requested that a letter, some of the business owners presented to him, be read in the house because there is evidence from their statements, there was no public consultation for they were never consulted about such an event.

This was denied by government and Minister of Labour told parliament that a public consultation was held in 2014 and due process was followed up.

However, after tough deliberation, there was a call for calm while the proper procedure for any such bill is submitted to the house and followed through.

They agreed to the motion that a public consultation be held tomorrow at 12 noon at Parliament compound and will be opened to the public in addition to those directly affected by the foreign investment bill 2019.

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