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Petitioners received a satisfactory reply after lodging petitions

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/02/2019

The National Anti-Corruption Committee has received a satisfactory reply from His Majesty through the Palace Office regarding their petition against the government lodged last week.

Three petitions were lodged, citing evidence of corrupt practices by the PM and some of the Cabinet Ministers.

The Chairman of the National Committee Teisina Fuko says the reply directed to make copies of the petitions to the Judiciary committee and Legal counselors to investigate the matter and to present findings to the Privy Council.

Fuko is hopeful that when the investigations are completed any royal decision made will be accepted and to the satisfaction of the petitioners.

Fuko urges the supporters of the petitions to be patient while investigations are underway and whatever the conclusion may be, they will know that it is for the best interest of the people. .

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