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Health Officials concerned for typhoid fever Leimatu’a

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/03/2019

Health officials have imposed another temporary ban of any mass preparation of food for the people of Leimatu’a to avoid the spread of the typhoid fever.

Supervising Public Health Inspector Sela Fa’u says with two church conferences about to be held in Vava’u this year, the people of Leimatu’a are being recommended not to be part of any food preparations for the mass or helping the neighbouring villages.

The ban includes, no drinking kava at Kava clubs, However, Fa’u says while the first temporary ban was in place, they have reliable information that some people were still consuming kava but in the outer villages.

They are concerned because they believe there’s an adult healthy carrier which is believed that could be the possible 4th patient of typhoid fever in Leimatu’a BUT he is yet to be identified for treatments.

While the unidentified typhoid patient is yet to be verified everyone in Leimatu’a are at risk to contract the bacteria.

If the locals will continue to break the bans imposed, there are fears that the contagious bacteria could spread to nearby villages because once that happens the fight against typhoid will be exceedingly difficult in the future.

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