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Contract for new TBC building signed in Japan

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/03/2019

The groundbreaking of the new building for Tonga Broadcasting Commission is expected to be held towards the end of this month.

It is part of the project funded by Japan known as Nationwide Early Warning System and system and strengthening of disaster communications – NEWS.

CEO of MEIDECC Paula Ma’u says the bid for the 25.5 million USD contract was won by two Japanese Construction companies called Consortium of NBK Corporation and Dai Nippon Construction.

The contract was signed last month.

The overall objective of the project is to save the lives of people and their properties, and to reduce risks and damage to basic services, infrastructure and the environments at time of natural disasters.

The project includes , Emergency Radio Communications System for disaster related organizations, Early Warning Sound Alert System of 75 siren and loud speakers, and 514 Remote Activated Radios (RAR), Improvement of Tonga Broadcasting Corporation Infrastructure and new headquarter building and facilities at Fasi-Moe-Afi site and Training requirements for the operation and maintenance of these facilities and equipment and software applications, drafting of related standard of procedure and manuals, and conducting drills and workshops with the National Emergency Management Office and the Tonga Meteorological Service.

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