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Five Newly appointed members of the diplomatic corps present credentials to His Majesty

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/03/201

Two of the five newly appointed members of the diplomatic corps to Tonga are presenting their Letters of credence to His Majesty at the Royal Palace in Nuku’alofa this week.

A letter of credence is a formal diplomatic letter that appoints a diplomat as Ambassador or High Commissioner to another sovereign state.

This letter is personally presented by the diplomats to the Sovereign in a formal ceremony which marks the beginning of the ambassadorship.

The presentations started with H.E Adrian Morrison High Commissioner of Australia to Tonga at ten yesterday morning followed by the Ambassador of Thailand Her Exellency Nantana Sivakua.

The Ambassador of the Czech Republic H.E Tomas Dub and Ambassador of Georgia H.E George Dolidze are presenting their letters of credence to His Majesty today.

On Thursday morning the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway – H.E Paul Gulleik Larsen will be received by His Majesty on Thursday morning for his presentation.

During the official visits to Tonga the Heads of Mission as per practice shall meet the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as the Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

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