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Tonga Met Service looks to improve cooperation with sectors using climate services

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/03/2019

The Tonga Meteorological Services are working on improving their delivery of climate services according to the needs of the users of the climate outlook from the Met Service.

The Tonga Met Office this morning held a first users climate outlook forum with representatives from sectors which the met services climate outlook is vital, such as the Water Board, Agriculture, Fisheries, Health, and Media, among other.

In his address opening this morning’s discussions the Minister for MEIDECC – Poasi Tei emphasized the importance of this forum, saying this  is an excellent opportunity for all sectors and users of climate information to exchange views with the MET Office as well as among themselves to identify what works and what doesn’t work an decide on what climate products to keep, throw away or to enhance.

Each sector has different needs and uses of the climate information from the Met Service and so receiving information that is specifically tailored for their needs helps their progress in their programs and work in their sector.

The acting director of Tonga Met Services – Moleni Tu’uholoaki says they will be collecting the comments from the participants this morning on their needs and feedback from each sector, which they will use to accordingly tailor their climate information that they distribute to each of these sectors. The Met Office plans to host this forum annually to ensure the continued improve of their distribution of climate in the future.

This forum is funded by the World Meteorological Organization and the Canadian government.

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