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Today wraps up all the deliberations in Parliament and prepares for soft closing

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/03/2019

All deliberations in Parliament since February 18th was wrapped up early this afternoon after many issues were raised earlier in the session.

Deliberations in the Whole House committee continued on the petition from the ex-students of Tonga College and Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva says he fully supports the motion yesterday, for the Government to handle the issue and to consult with ex-students and related bodies such as the FIFA or international football association about the issue.

He also apologized to the Ex-students of Tonga college, for government’s handling of the issue and he believes that government should continue to address the matter.

Minister of Agriculture – Hon Semisi Fakahau supported the Prime Minister’s motion and urged ex-students of TCA to follow protocol and most of the MPs voted in favor.

When the matter was reported by Chairman of the Whole House committee Veivosa Taka to the Speaker a vote was called and 15 MPs voted in favor.

In another development ‘Eua 11 MP Tevita Lavemaau requested government for a financial account stating the amount of money collected from the levy and tax aimed at financially assisting Tonga for the upcoming Pacific Games to be held in Samoa in July.

He said, its been years since government collected cash from the public through tax and levy and he estimates more than 15 million pa’anga have been collected, but the target was only 10 million pa’anga.

The Minister of Finance however did not provide any clear statement on the amount.

During this deliberation which lapped over to the early afternoon, Ha’apai 13 MP Veivosa Taka motioned that the Attorney general shouldn’t be a member of the Legislation Committee and that he or she should only attend the meetings when required because he is not a member of Parliament.

‘Eua 11 MP responded and said the matter was already approved by parliament and the AG is there for legal advices only.

MPs also raised other issues such as requesting Government for assistance especially for road maintenance.

This is the last session of the House for the 2018/2019 sitting.

The formal soft closing ceremony will be held at 10 am tomorrow with three members of the nobility to deliver the address from the throne.

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