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ASCO MOTORS launches their newest TOYOTA model

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/04/2019

Japan’s Embassy Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission – Yasuhiko Kamada last Friday launched Asco Motor’s newest and latest Toyota brand, the TOYOTA RAV 4. The newest brand has advanced technology for travelling on the road.

The CEO of Asco Motors – Tonga Po’oi says, the model is the fifth model of TOYOTA since RAV4 was first created in Japan in 1994.

Po’oi says every year, a new model is introduced aiming to improve customer complaints about the previous models.

The TOYOTA RAV4 has made so many improvements from the previous ones and is more spacious, and comfortable for use.

TOYOTA RAV 4 was then presented to a representative from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints.

Garrick Parr from the church says, they are honored to receive this product as the Church has been working with TOYOTA for many years now and hopes will continue in the future.

“We’re very grateful indeed. The church has global agreements with Toyota and here in Tonga, we are blessed to be able to enjoy our relationship with them and obviously, this is one of the many vehicles on our fleet and so we’re excited about this new generation RAV4 and it’s amazing so we’re very happy indeed”

Two more brands of the same vehicle will be shipped to Tonga by the end of this month.

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