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Businesses closed due to noncompliance with business requirements

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/04/2019

More than 10 businesses had to close down temporarily as they do not meet or comply with the requirements for business operation in Tonga.

It is the outcome from a joint operation of the Ministry of Trade, Immigration, Food Division, Health and Revenue Customs.

Acting CEO of Trade Tevita Lautaha says most of the businesses are foreign retailers and they have sufficient evidence they do not comply with the requirements for business operation in Tonga such as valid working visa for employees, medical exam and to ensure the building or the business shop meets the safety conditions from the Fire Department.

There’s also a need to ensure that all the food products on sale are in good condition for the consumers.

Lautaha emphasizes that if any of the requirements are not met, the business registrar has the authority to cancel the application for retail business in Tonga.

Other issues were raised from the taskforce operation since the beginning of the year, such as the changes in the prices of goods.

Acting CEO says they are addressing the issue immediately as it affects the people in general.

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