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Local kava market is flooded forcing a price drop with about one third

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/04/201

The prices of kava on the local markets have dropped with about 30 percent compared to previous months, as many people are turning to kava growing.

Kava is highly demanded locally for many ceremonial and traditional purposes and people were struggling to afford the price of Kava, in previous months.

The market price was 150 pa’anga per kilogram and today the price has dropped to about 100 pa’anga only.

Deputy Head of the Agricultural Division in Vava’u Mikaele Saipa’ia says, the drop in the price of Kava is due to the local market being flooded with the product as many people turn to kava as a commercial crop.

Many growers especially in Vava’u have become rich overnight during the past one to two years as their kava plantations were successful bringing in tens of thousands of pa’anga to their families.

However, Siapa’a’ia is concerned as the island has been raining for several days and they are fighting the spread of the Cucumber Mosaic Virus- CMV on the kava plantations with about 70% of the plantations being affected.

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