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New petroleum prices for April to May increase

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/04/2019

Taxi and bus drivers are calling for taxi and bus prices to increase since the Tonga Competent Authority approved the new petroleum prices for April – May 2019 which has just shot up since yesterday.

Fetuiaki Ta’ufo’ou a delivery truck driver, Manu Vala from Tofoa taxi company, Ali from Newmeitolu taxi and Sau Hefa a bus driver, all hope their service rates would also increase as their main source of income depends on their work. With petrol, diesel and kerosene, increasing, these drivers believe it is only fair that their service rates increase as well.

Meanwhile, Radio Tonga news contacted the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development for comment but to no avail, however, it is understood from an interview with the Acting CEO – Tevita Lautaha on the issue before, they are currently reviewing the prices for the buses and taxis.

Overall, there is a significant increase in all product prices this month.

Wholesale petrol, kerosene and diesel will increase by 13.7 seniti/litre, 3 seniti/litre and 3 seniti/litre respectively.

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