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Ongoing drug problem concern Tongans overseas

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/04/2019

The Brisbane Tongan community are concerned for the worsening drug problem Tonga is facing. This was raised during a forum between members of the Brisbane Tongan Community and a Tongan Government delegation earlier this week.

In a press release from the Brisbane Tongan community, there were many issues addressed during the forum namely health and education – but the longest deliberation was on the ongoing battle on the illegal distribution, possession, selling and using of drugs, methamphetamine and marijuana in particular.

Mrs, Toakase Layt said, they are aware that drugs continues to be a huge problem here in Tonga, and they need to be reassured that the government has a tactical plan to deal with not only the drug sydicates, but the root of the problem causing the people to turn to drug abuse in the first place.

Meanwhile, Mrs Sela Fonua added, the Tongan economy never seems to grow and businesses come and go. It’s good to know that the government are encouraging investment in Tonga’s small economy.

During the forum the Tongan delegates outlined Government’s priorities for the next 5 years; 2. Government’s commitments to growing the economy through Policy based initiatives; Political wills and commitments, Investment Opportunities in Tonga; Informal Sector Development and Drugs problems here in Tonga.

The forum took place – while the Chief Secretary to Cabinet Edgar Cocker, and the deputy Secretary ‘Ofa Finau were in the Sunshine State capital to attend a meeting of regional Cabinet Secretaries from throughout the Pacific.

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