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More proper social interaction will solve the challenge of cyberbully

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/04/2019

A Professor from the University of Victoria in New Zealand believes that the solution to the challenge of social isolation nowadays – is for everyone to engage more in proper social interaction, and less interaction through social media.

In an exclusive interview with Professor Nicholas Agar to Radio Tonga this morning, he says he understands that with technology, comes challenges of cybercrime and cyberbullying especially among the youths and this can be addressed only through proper social interaction.

Professor Agar says, during his time here in Tonga, he has found solutions to these challenges and hopes to take it back with him to New Zealand.

“Do you know that in the Western world? There’s an epidemic of social isolation People are dying of loneliness and I sort of have the idea that that’s not as big a problem here in Tonga because those social connections and when we look at social technology like FACEBOOK and TWITTER – they’re not the answer. You have the answer here when you turn up to sing on Sundays in church, that’s part of the answer so if we could sort of learn from you and we could create jobs that puts humans in each other’s lives. So we need suggestions from everyone so that’s why I’m really enjoying being here”

He says the problem with youths nowadays is they are addicted to social media than listening to their parents which he hopes would be solved immediately.

“So when you’re talking about defending the family and things like that, it’s important to realize what you’re up against because once you’ve got YouTube, it’s very difficult. I don’t have any simple solutions but I think if you can actually win people off. And if the youth everywhere have this really addictive thing, it’s designed to be addictive but if you can actually sort of keep them away and no YouTube until after dinner”

Professor Agar hopes that they will continue to work with Tonga in the future to create bills for those who cyberbully and commit crimes online to ensure safety of the public.

Professor Nicholas Agar is currently in Tonga to deliver a speech on “Digital Revolution” at the ‘Atenisi University this evening.

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