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Woodridge State High School has taken out the title for the Tongan Stage at the inaugural Queensland inter-schools Polynesian Festival held in South Brisbane

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/04/2019

Almost 10 schools participated on the Cook Islands, Maori, Samoan and Tongan stages showcasing traditional cultural dance performances for the panel of judges and a packed auditorium of over 1,200 supporters.

Event organiser, Mrs Gee Laga said, “the 2019 Polynesian Festival is dedicated to making a difference by promoting multi-cultural diversity, whilst inspiring unity, harmony and respect within the young generation in Queensland through cultural celebration.

Groves Christian College, Marsden State High School and Woodridge State High School – three well-known Brisbane schools with large student populations of Tongan descent – went back to back in Tau‘olunga, Tau faka-Niua, Ma‘ulu‘ulu and Lakalaka. Schools were also assessed on their teunga or uniforms as well.

Brisbane Tongan Community secretary and founder of the Pasifika Lawyers Association of Queensland, Ms Leilehua Fa‘onevai said, “this year’s Polynesian Festival represents another great opportunity to promote and share our Tongan and Pacific Island cultural dances with fellow Australians, whilst ensuring the culture is preserved and passed on to the next generation.

The event organisers look forward to building on the success of this year’s Polynesian Festival that is expected to grow next year while Brisbane experiences growth in the Tongan and Pacific Islander communities.

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