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Anglican Diocese of Polynesia Archbishop visits Tonga and leads clergy training

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/05/2019

The members of the Anglican Church here in Tonga warmly welcomed the Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia – bishop Fereimi Cama, who is also one of the 3 Primates of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Archbishop Cama is here on his first official visit to Tonga after he was consecrated and installed last month.

This morning, a clergy training for the church clergy members began as part of the programs for Archbishop Fereimi Camas visit.

The archbishop says this training is something he is passionate about, to empower the clergy of the church in their duty to the members of the congregation.

“It has been my passion all along even before being chosen to be the bishop of the diocese. I’ve always been concerned about the lack of training that our clergy have received because it is important that those who are leading the people in worship on Sundays are well-versed with what they need to do in the different parishes that they are working in.”

With this visit and training in Tonga, the archbishop hopes to get more understanding and feedback from the people in the parishes.

“We are looking at what has been decided in the diocese synod a couple of years back and that is about the violence against women and children and also about the safe church, in which there has been a lot of discussion in the Anglican church now about the issue of title deed in which those who are licensed by the bishop can be taken to task for their behavior, for their attitude, and even if they are involved in domestic violence, so those are the issues that we will be addressing during the 3 days of our training.”

This three-day training is attended by representatives from all 4 parishes in Tongatapu with Rev. Hepisipa Tohi from the St. Paul parish saying this is a wonderful opportunity for their clerics to learn more about their duties in the church. Rev Latu Taufa from the All Saints parish said, it was encouraging, having the Archbishop of the diocese here to lead the training and set a good example of leadership for the not only the clerics attending the training but for all the members of the church here in Tonga.

While in Tonga, there are several other programs organized for the Archbishop and Lesila Soakai a member of the All Saints parish says the church members are happy to see their church leader here in Tonga where he would be able to hear from the people and the people will be able to learn from him.

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