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More patients to benefit from surgical operations by the Open Heart International

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/05/2019

The Ministry of Health are currently screening patients from Tonga that will benefit from the heart surgery operations by experts from the Open Heart International of Australia.

The Medical Superintendent of Vaiola Hospital – Dr Lisiate ‘Ulufonua says, the team’s visit is a blessing to most families in Tonga as all their surgical operations are free of charge.

Dr ‘Ulufonua says, the costs for the operations in overseas countries are very expensive but Tonga is fortunate as the team will work with their own resources at Vaiola in September.

During a press conference this morning Head of Vaiola Pediatric Ward Dr Siaosi ‘Aho says the visit helps treat patients especially children who suffer from congenital heart disease or birth defects of the heart.

Dr ‘Aho adds, these operations are rewarding as children are medically treated and sent home to their families with the prospect of a normal life.

The team has been visiting Tonga since 2008 and ‘Anaseini Fakauka of Pea who benefitted from this program in 2017 says she is happy with the outcome of her surgery and is now living a peaceful and normal life.

Close to 50 medical experts are in this team and will start operations in Tonga from the 3rd to the 21st of September.

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