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Increase in kava importation to Australia strongly supported by the Brisbane Tongan Community

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/05/2019

The Tongan community in Brisbane Australia strongly supports the consultation on an increase of importation of kava into Australia. The Australian Government conducted a consultation process through a Pilot Program to ease restrictions on the importation of kava for personal use into Australia.

The three areas that the pilot program is focused on include the proposal to increase the quantity of kava that may be imported for personal use to 4kg; approach to evaluate the pilot program after two years; and the duration of the pilot program.

There are in excess of 10 regular kava clubs in Brisbane who meet regularly and consume kava.

Aside from the cultural and some added health benefits of kava consumption, the kava clubs serve as key ingredients in the successful recipe of the Brisbane Tongan Community.

From providing a place of resilience for Tongan men and a mechanism to avoid early signs of mental health, the kava clubs also provide the financial backbone to fund raising ventures for community development and visitors Tonga.

President of the Brisbane Tongan Community steering committee, Rev. Maile Molitika, who is a member of the Sia Melie Kava Club in Moorooka added that kava has a strong musical element seldom acknowledged outside the kava circle.

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