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Public consultation on proposed government bills to begin in Vava’u

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/05/2019

The public consultation on 6 government bills that were tabled in Parliament in March 2019 will kick start this evening in Vava’u.

The bills submitted to parliament by cabinet members earlier this month will kick start in Vava’u this evening.

The bills includes the Tonga Police Amendment Bill 2019, Magistrate’s Courts Amendment Bill 2019, Judicial and legal service commission bill 2019, National Spatial Planning and Management Bill amongst others.

The purpose of the consultation is to brief the public on amendments proposed in the bills and to gather the public’s opinion on those proposed amendments.

The consultation will be held using different methods – Facebook included where some locals Sitiveni Kaufusi, ‘Alisi Naupoto and Volaa Mohenoa questioned the reliability of this method.

They said, people can use others names, or various FB accounts to defame, criticize or support these bills – therefore to them this method is not reliable.

Meanwhile Meki Tukuafu and Kaveinga ‘Ahokava said, they support this initiative – because it is not only fast – but people who are not attending the consultation to join and raise their voice.

Meki Tukuafu said – to use FB – people should submit their ID’s in order for their voice to be heard/recognized.

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