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Members of the public question why the public consultation is not broadcast live on Radio and TV

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/05/2019

Since the beginning of the public consultation on the island of Vava’u on Monday night, members of the public are concerned about why the consultation isn’t allowed to be broadcast on neither television nor radio.

The 4th consultation at Vava’u was held last night at Leimatu’a and the town officer ‘Etimoni Vete says only a few of the attendants were in favor of the six proposed bills while majority were against it.

Vete says much of the attendants’ concerns with these bills is on the possibility of His Majesty’s Constitutional Powers being affected by these amendments.

However, during an earlier public consultation on Radio Tonga, the Acting Attorney General – ‘Aminiasi Kefu had elaborated that these proposed bills will not remove His Majesty’s Constitutional Powers in the proposed areas and The Minister for Trade – Dr. Tu’I Uata also agreed.

On the other hand, the Niuas Nobles Representative to Parliament – Lord Fusitu’a says otherwise, and explains that these proposed bills will affect His Majesty’s Constitutional Powers.

Radio Tonga News has received reports from Vava’u from the consultations, that the attendants are not allowed to take photos or videos during the program and they are questioning the reason behind this.

A member of the Parliament’s Legislation Committee joining the consultations in Vava’u has said this is Parliament policy – a committee consultation cannot be broadcast live.

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