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High tax on tobacco affects the economy

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/05/2019

Tonga’s economy has been affected by the high tax of tobacco.

Le’omolotu Havea the Tobacco Officer of the Ministry of Health said, this is after they received a request from the Customs Department – seeking to lower the tobacco tax duty as it is too high – which cause a decline in the income they normally receive.

However, Havea said, the Ministry didn’t accept this request and he’s very happy.

He said, there no smoking campaign is still underway – and with the high tax of tobacco – it will help them alot with their campaign, in trying to convince people to quit smoking – because of its many effects.

According the the CEO of the Customs Division – Kelemete Vahe – the quit smoking campaign is clear BUT at the same time – they have to look for money to assist the government to deliver it’s many roles effectively to the public.

He said, it is a pity that this news has been speculated because nothing had change.


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