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Foa supports the six bills from the Government

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/05/2019

Most of the attendants of the public consultation in the Foa district last night supported the six bills proposed by the Government after the Acting Attorney General elaborated on the bills.

Attending last night’s consultation was Ha’apai 13 MP who’s also the Chairman of the Whole House Committee Veivosa Taka says, most of the attendants agreed with the Government’s bills despite very few were opposing it.

He said about 34 people were at the consultation and 31 were in favor while three people were opposing it.

Ha’apai 13 MP says since many people were not able to attend the consultation last night, he personally visited them to get their opinions and majority agreed with the Government on the proposed bills.

He also added that the district and town officers were at the consultation last night and represented the people from their towns and districts.

Meanwhile the public consultation continued this morning to the people of ‘Uiha.


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