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People of Talafo’ou victims of Climate of Change

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/05/2019

For years now, the villages along the Eastern District have been struggling with the increasing impacts of climate change.

One of these villages – Talafo’ou, are hoping they would soon receive some assistance to help them build a more resilient village.

The town officer ‘Epeli Finau says this is a very serious issue as the people are now relocating away from the coastal area due to soil erosion and sea level rise.

As the people are vulnerable to natural disasters such as tropical cyclones and tsunamis due to its geographical location, Finau hopes an evacuation center would be built soon as a shelter for the residents in times of emergencies.

Finau adds, climate change is a global issue and they are worried what the future brings.

Comparing the present days to the past Finau says people were living on the coastal areas but today it’s a different story as the residents have to relocate with their families further way from the coastal areas because high tide causes flooding.


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