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Malimali Program helps decrease number of children with dental problems

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/05/2019

The Malimali Program under the Dental Department of the Ministry of Health has been running for 20 years now, and they have seen a significant drop in the number of young children coming into the dental ward at Vaiola Hospital with tooth problems, as a result of this program.

At the Malimali Programs weekly visit to Fasi Mo e Afi GPS this morning – the team leader Lu’isa Tangitau said the state of dental health among young children in the country has improved immensely during their awareness program.

This program is aimed at emphasizing the message of good dental health for the children, even though these are practices taught at home. Tangitau says with this program they are ensuring all children get an equal chance at good dental health, as some may be missing this opportunity at home.

A teacher from Fasi GPS – Talita Lolohea says this program is great for dental health awareness among the students but it is also beneficial for their general health and hygiene which also makes a positive impact on their education in the classroom.

Class 6 students – Vaka-mei-tangake Fonua and Siulangi Malafu say this program has taught them just how important dental health is as well as different ways they can keep their teeth clean and healthy, such as refraining from junk food and always brushing your teeth.

With 2 decades of the Malimali Program raising awareness of dental health around the country, the team leader says it is encouraging to see the decline in the number of children with dental problems and they believe this program enables these children to make good choices for their dental health at an early age.


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