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People of Leimatu’a at risk following technical fault to the water pump machine

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/05/2019

The town officer of Leimatu’a is concerned about the hygienic lifestyle of the people as they are currently facing water problems since the water pump machine broke down last Thursday night.

‘Etimoni Vete says they’ve been contacting the related stakeholders such as the Water Board for immediate assistance with hope that the problem will be resolved soon as water is one of the basic needs of the people.

Health officials are currently monitoring Leimatu’a following the outbreak of typhoid fever earlier this year and temporary bans were imposed to ensure that the contagious bacteria do not spread to the neighboring villages.

Vete adds with more than one thousand residents, one machine is not enough to cater for the people and they are requesting for about four more water pump machines to help with water distribution.

At the moment about 100 households have water tanks while about 200 homes do not have any and they are suffering from this.

Earlier this year health officials were at Leimatu’a to identify the typhoid cases and ensure their water supply is sufficient enough and safe to cater for the locals as typhoid can be transmitted through contaminated water.

The temporary bans will be lifted this next week.

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