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Locals of Leimatu’a appeal to speed up the repairs of water supply

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/05/2019

A local from Leimatu’a who wishes to remain anonymous says many people in the village are struggling to cope with the impacts of their water distribution being disrupted following the breakdown their only water pump machine last week.

Many of the homes affected in this now have to get their water from the town hall and from neighbors with their own water tanks, but this is not a long-term solution as it is not enough to cater for everyone.

As water is a basic need, the villager is urging officials to speed up with their efforts to address the issue because they are bearing the brunt of living without any water supply for almost a week now.

The main concern raised from Leimatu’a is, the town is currently monitored due to typhoid fever and with no water supply it poses a high risk to their lives.

Town officer ‘Etimoni Vete says, today they will continue the cooperation with Tonga Water Board to send supplies from Tongatapu to fix the problem with hope the issue will be solved today.

He adds this is not the first time the people of Leimatu’a are facing water problem as they’ve been experiencing similar incidents in the past.

Vete says there should be a backup plan implemented to ensure that water disruption doesn’t occur in the future by ensuring there’s a standby water pump machine to cater for the people.

There are more than 1thousand residents in Leimatu’a.

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