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Real Tonga’s aircraft suffered technical fault

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 22/05/2019

One of Real Tonga’s planes experienced a technical fault as it landed at Salote Pilolevu airport in Ha’apai from Vava’u yesterday morning.

Radio Tonga’s stringer on the island – Moimoi Fakahua says the plane landed successfully but as it was taxiing on the runway towards the terminal, the plane got a flat tyre.

Fakahua says there were no injuries nor major damage caused by this.

“The flight from Ha’apai to Tongatapu was delayed of course but the airline sent another plane from Tongatapu with assistance to fix the plane before they were able to fly back to Tongatapu.”

In speaking to the CEO of Tonga Airport Limited – Viliami Ma’ake says the cause of the flat tyre has not been confirmed but he is positive this was due to a fault with the plane and not the runway because the runway is in very good condition.

Real Tonga Airlines could not be reached for further information on this issue.

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