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Kolomotu’a opposed the Government’s six bills

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/05/2019

The last consultation on the six bills proposed by the Government was held at Kolomotu’a last Friday night and most of the attendants opposed the bills.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News this morning, the town officer of Kolomotu’a, Sio Tu’iano said, about 234 attended the consultation and 20 voted in favor of the bills while 214 opposed it.

Sio Tu’iano said, during the consultation those that attended queried the reason why the six proposed bills are identified as urgent by the government.

Cabinet member, Dr Tu’i Uata said the bills are urgent because the current system is not functioning properly and it is not helping them with their development plans for the public.

Hon. Uata said this is a major issue as they are trying to address other challenges such combatting drugs in Tonga.

Meanwhile other issues raised from the public consultation on Friday included the people’s concern about these bills as it will touch His Majesty’s Constitutional powers.

The attorney general responded and said “no” – while members of the committee think otherwise.

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