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‘Alisi Minoneti wins TBC’s Fakaivia ‘a e Taleniti ‘o e Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/06/2019

Hundreds gathered at the ‘Atele Indoor Stadium last Friday night to witness 44 contestants vying for the first prize of the Fakaivia program of Tonga Broadcasting Commission. However a young teenage girl from Lomaiviti – ‘Alisi Minoneti took away the first prize with TOP$6,000.

Motuliki Kailahi was the 1st runner up with $3000 cash prize while Mele ‘Ioane Fonua claimed the 3rd spot with $1000 cash prize.

In the children’s category, Talita Kiumi Minoneti of Matalikufisi stole won the first spot with $2000 cash prize.

The 1st runner up went to Geoid Victoria Meletoafa Fineanganofo with $1000 cash prize while ‘Oto’ota Likiliki became 3rd $500 cash prize.

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