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US and China trade war can have a negative impact on Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/06/2019

Tonga is one of many developing countries that benefit from diplomatic relations with the United States as well as China.

Now with the US and China in trade war, there can be some serious implications for not only Tonga, but also the Pacific and other countries abroad.

The Chinese Embassy this morning hosted a press conference to make a statement regarding this issue.

The Acting Chinese Ambassador to Tonga – Yang Zhaohui stated China’s determination to stand firm in the face of opposition from the US.

He acknowledged that this was between the US and China but there would be a significant impact on the global economy and even more so for Tonga because of our weaker economy.

Yang says this trade war would only continue to hamper global economic development affecting many countries including Tonga.

However, he added that although Tonga’s role to play in this may be small and insignificant, Tonga can voice concerns at the international level that may contribute to an international solution to this issue.

“Tonga will be affected by this consultation, by the friction, and it doesn’t just want to be an onlooker. What you can do, I think, is to voice your concern, and to voice your support for the international trading system, for a free world economy, for respecting the rules of international trade, for the respect for WTO, and to go for international economic globalisation rather than going to the opposite, to impose tariffs, to close doors, to have more restrictions on the trade. Because it is proven by the history of world economy, when the trade is going on pretty well, the economy will boom.”

In the past few weeks, tensions between the US and China have escalated with America announcing at a recent security forum in Singapore, that America has expanded its maritime security initiative for the South Pacific, seen by many as a counter measure to Chinas growing influence in the region.

However, China have repeatedly emphasized they do not want this issue escalated and they are open to discussion with the US on a resolution, but at the same time they are prepared to fight the push from the US and will not back down on their principles.

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