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Education Minister emphasizes importance of the environment for students

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/06/2019

At the closing program of the Environment Week on Friday the Education Minister emphasized the importance of the secondary schools promoting the preservation and cleanliness of the environment. Penisimani Fifita praised the successful collaboration of the ministry of education and training and the ministry of MEIDECC in carrying out this environment week program that used a quiz competition to raise more awareness on the environment.

“In the procession of the quiz, it was evident that there is great popularity of such program and exhibition of our children wealth knowledge regarding our environment. This is one approach we can beat pollution in our environment is through deepening the knowledge and understanding of our children as they are the future of our country. The Ministry also covers in the curriculum emphasis on the importance of our environment. It is my ardent wish that our children and all citizens of our dear country can continue with conservation of our environment to remain healthy and green. Seeing that we are vulnerable to disasters and hazards, it is even more pressing we strengthen collaboration to ensure Tonga achieve a healthier environment and prosperous communities.”

At this program the minister also presented the prizes for the winners in the two competitions the Department of Environment had hosted – the Secondary Schools Quiz Competition, and the Trash Challenge.

In the quiz competition – a total of 8 school participated and consolation prizes of TOP$500 and t-shirts were presented to Ocean of Light, Takuilau College, Apifo’ou College, and Beulah College. Winning 4th place with TOP$800 was Tupou College, Queen Salote College won 3rd place with TOP$1,000, and Tonga High School came in 2nd with TOP$2,000. Liahona High School was awarded first place with TOP$3,000.

For the Trash Challenge the awards included cash prizes and t-shirts. For 5th place, TOP$500 was awarded to Distaquaine Maile from Longolongo, ‘Otolanga Fainga’a from Fahefa came in 4th place with TOP$800, the Tonga Youth Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace won 3rd place with TOP$1,000. Then in 2nd place was Havelu Tokaikolo Youth with TOP$1,500 and in first place with TOP$2,000 was St. Michaels Parish ECL.

This year’s theme for Environment Week was “Beat Pollution” which the Minister for MEIDECC Poasi Tei highlighted as an important subject.

“The importance of cleaning, preserving, protecting the environment has become one of the most important subjects discussed and debated worldwide especially now with the adverse existential effect on low-lying countries especially the islands of the Pacific including Tonga. It is not a matter of ‘if’ and ‘when’ anymore as it is now happening. Rather, it is a matter of ‘how can we survive’ and what can we do now to ensure that our children will survive in the future? To our very survival”

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