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Residents in Tu’akatakilangi report an adult man allegedly trying to sell drugs to children by the road

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/06/2019

Police were called to Tu’akatakilangi yesterday afternoon following complaints by concerned residents in the area, that an adult man was reportedly trying to sell drugs to children by the Hihifo Road.

A reliable source confirmed residents in the area contacted the police after this man parked his vehicle by the road and asked children walking past “if they wanted to smoke meth”.

After a short while the man left the area but returned around an hour later.

Residents again called the police, who arrived and handled the situation.

The extent of the police’s work on this issue has not been confirmed, but residents in the area ARE now more concerned for their children’s safety as this incident shows a drug abusers fearlessness for the law with this man brazenly trying to sell meth in broad daylight without a concern for the consequences.

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