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Public Service month to promote “spirit of service”

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/06/2019

“My Tonga, Your Tonga, Our Tonga” this is one of the themes for the Public Service Month this month as well as Public Service Day on June 14th, programs the Public Service Commission – PSC, has organized to celebrate this special month and the public service.

The Deputy Secretary of the PSC Office – Salote Vuki, says there are 3 themes being promoted this month – “Putting people first”, “In Serving Others We Serve The Kingdom”, and “My Tonga, Your Tonga, Our Tonga”, all aimed at promoting the importance of public service to the country, the spirit of service for public servants, as well as trying to get high school students interested in a career in public service.

The PSC had organized competitions for high school students including a short film competition for senior students forms 5-7.

The results of this competition will be announced tomorrow with the awards presented at a conference of the PSC.

Vuki says there were 7 films submitted in this competition and they will all be shown at tomorrow’s program along with videos from the ministries.

A press release from the PSC states they will be hosting an exhibition this Friday the 14th of June where all ministries and sectors in the public service are represented, an opportunity for the public particularly the children to learn more about the public service and to also get accurate and reliable information regarding the duties of each ministry in their service to the country.

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