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Best Practice Conference to promote improvement of public service

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/06/2019

The Public Service Commission this morning hosted a best practice sharing conference for government ministries as part of the programs to mark Public Service Month currently being celebrated.

Joining this best practice sharing conference were 7 government ministries as well as the Prime Minister’s Office and the PSC. Deputy CEO of the PSC – Salote Vuki says this conference was a good opportunity for these ministries to share practices that they would be able to improve their service to the people of Tonga.

Radio (and Television) Tonga News spoke with Vuki before the conference wrapped up at noon, but she said it was so far proving a success.

At the end of the conference prizes were awarded to students who had participated in the PSC’s High School Short Film Competition with the theme – We are in this together, My Tonga, Your Tonga, Our Tonga. The public service month programs continue this Friday with an exhibition with government ministries.

With the importance of public service being emphasized this month the PSC are also promoting the spirit of service for public servants.

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