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Tonga is facing another shortage of imported chicken thighs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/06/2019

Trade Minister Hon. Dr Tu’I Uata has confirmed Tonga is currently facing a shortage of chicken thighs (legs) and the price is increasing in the local markets affecting the country as many people heavily rely on imported chicken thighs for their daily meals.

Uata says the daily price for chicken thighs in Tongatapu was at a cost of more than 20 pa’anga per carton of chicken thighs, however today the price has tripled to more than 60 pa’anga.

“Tonga is affected on the shortage of chicken thighs as the demand for more products is on the rise and the supply is not enough to cater for every demand internationally. “ 

Dr Uata adds they are investigating businesses alleged for selling chicken thighs at an expensive rate recently, where they bought it about three months ago at a much cheaper price.

Ministry of Police, Health and Customs are addressing the issue and there will be penalties and fines imposed.

The issue was raised during Parliament’s deliberations this morning and yesterday’s session as well.

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