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Exhibition promotes stronger relation between government ministries and public

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/06/2019

Programs such as the Public Service Exhibition this morning help build a stronger relation between government ministries and the public. This was an exhibition to mark Public Service Day where several ministries and public enterprises set up booths displaying different aspects of their work and activities for the visitors.

It’s important for the public to get accurate and reliable information regarding the services of each government ministries and organisations to minimize misunderstandings leading to further problems. So this morning’s public service exhibition was a great opportunity for the participating ministries and organisations to showcase and advertise each of their services and operation processes.

The CEO of the Public Service Commission – Dr. Lia Maka says this program not only promotes closer relations between government ministries and the public but also to encourage the spirit of service for the public servants.

This being only the 2nd time the PSC has hosted this exhibition – Maka believes there has already been significant improvement in the public service, and they are looking forward to continued progress following this year’s exhibition.

One of the main themes of the exhibition was “putting people first” and what Maka wants for visitors to take back with them after the exhibition is a deeper understanding of the public service.

“I think key to me is, that the public service is a, service-oriented, people-focused, service that it’s making an attempt to present the spirit and promote the spirit of service to the people of Tonga … I would like the people to provide feedback to the ministries and the agencies who are involved in this program. Provide the feedback that they need to improve their services, and if it’s a positive feedback it’ll be good to know also so that it will reaffirm our services. But this is not a one-sided operation, we need to work together with the public to make they are satisfied with the services of the people and we can only do that if they provide the feedback. If they come back to us with questions and concerns.”

Hundreds of public servants filled the Queen Salote Memorial Hall at Friday’s exhibition which was an even bigger event than last years with all the booths competing for prizes the PSC had organised for the most decorative booth, most innovative booth, most popular booth, and the booth with the best customer service.

Radio and Television Tonga News spoke to some of the hosts of a few booths and Siotasia Malolo from the Ministry of Lands, Survey, and Natural Resources, Halaevalu Aleamotua from the Attorney General’s Office, and Malina Lolo from the Ministry of Agriculture, Foods, and Forestry, all said this was a good chance for them to raise awareness on little known facts about their work and their respective offices, and to encourage students interested in a career path in their fields.

Most of the visitors at the exhibition were school students and a few of them told Radio and Television Tonga News that this was an educational visit for them, learning more about each ministry/organisation and how they can possibly seek employment there or choose a similar career path.

One student said, “This exhibition was very benefitting, for students especially. Each ministry had its own specific side which we can learn from and I look forward to more.”

By the end of this exhibition, Dr. Lia Maka and her staff are hoping visitors left with a deeper understanding of the public service, students be inspired by the many career opportunities offered, and that the public servants themselves would return to their workplaces having gained an appreciation of the significance of teamwork and the spirit of service.  `

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