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Hon. Fatafehi opens Cultural Week today

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/06/2019

Despite the hefty bill that usually accompanies traditional Tongan weddings, Fatafehi ‘o Lapaha Filipe believes it is vital to preserve this important tradition for future generations.

Fatafehi ‘o Lapaha Filipe emphasized this during her address to open the Traditional and Cultural Week this morning. This special event is hosted by the Cultural Department of the Ministry of Tourism.

Hon. Fatafehi says the traditional Tongan wedding is a unique part of our culture, separating Tongans from other cultures or countrys. She highlighted the importance of maintaining this tradition particularly for the youth.

She acknowledged that the traditional Tongan wedding is not a cheap affair and that much of the financial expense of the event has caused many to question the value of this tradition to the Tongan culture. However, this tradition has great significance to the Tongan culture, and is an integral part of what makes Tonga, Tonga.

During the program, the women’s group of Lapaha performed all the rituals of a tradition Tongan wedding an educational display for the audience.

Attending this morning’s program were many students who shared their view on the importance of the traditional Tongan wedding to them including Lavinia Vaka from St. Andrews College and Martin Tikomailepanoni from Ocean of Light.

“It is very important for us students to know our traditional wedding so that we can go back to our old ways of doing a traditional Tongan wedding. Not like nowadays, we’re starting to lose this way and so this is important for us to learn and know how to do a traditional wedding in the Tongan way.”

“It’s important for us to know ‘cause nowadays, people are doing it the Western way and people are starting to forget their culture.”

The program continues this evening with a Tongan musical competition at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall.

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